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Lighting Design by O'Ryan Sound

O'Ryan Sound offers a wide range of lighting options.

Tell us your theme, your vision and your ideas. 

Wedding uplighting is very popular and we go well above and beyond with many types of event lighting including buisness grand openings; Bar and Bat Mitzvahs; Sweet 16's, Parties and Galas; Charity events and Fundraisers; Award Banquets and recently even Music Videos.


             "Up-lighting can have the

                           Single Biggest Impact on your events look."


About low cost up-lighting and why you should Run Away.

Old Par cans get extreamly hot and are not only a fire hazard they can severly burn children or guests walking buy. Many venues will not allow these to be used because they can trip circuit breakers and cause safty issues. Cheap RGB (Red Green Blue) uplights typicaly used by most DJ and rental companies tend to mix colors poorly and have extreme color separation. 

Color separation can be seen in the photo on the bottom right where two different DJ companies tried to make a lower cost up-light look white. The result of trying to make the color white was a rainbow of white, blue, pink and purple. Cheap lighting or unqualified lighting techs tend to lack the programing options or skills needed to properly setup an event. If you want more than one color option for an event or lighting that can be customized, color corrected for wall color or even go with the music it is imperative that you ask the right questions. Some DJ and Rental companies will sell you on a feature that says the lights go with the music or will fade through all the colors. This is rarely a real light show and tends to be all of the lights just randomly blinking or fading out of sync to the music because the lights are not linked together. This is because most DJ's do not specialize in lighting design and they just want to make a few bucks by offering "Up-Lights!". You may see lighting prices similar to ours but if the fixtures are not professional grade and computer controlled, you will be disapointed. Cheap LED fixtures do not offer the color range, saturation, features and control offered by quality fixtures and would never be used by O'Ryan Sound's lighting specialists.


About our up-lighting

  • We use 2 styles of uplighting depending on the application needs.

  1. Battery Powered / Wireless Computer Control / 45 degree optics and RGBWA+UV Red, Green, BlueWhite, Amber and Ultra violet. color mixing.

  2. Electric Powered / Wireless Computer Control / 35 Degree optics and RGBW leds Red, Green, Blue and White color mixing.

  • Our Up-lights can create ANY COLOR

  • Our uplighting uses wireless DMX for computer control of each light. This gives us a range of over 500ft and No Data Cables all over your event!

  • Our uplighting can be color corrected when aimed at colored walls through computer control.

  • Our uplighting can be programed to rotate colors around the room, splash colors back and forth, even ripple like water. Limited by our imagination.

  • Our uplighting uses up to 27 channels of control, giving us full control of every Individual LED's brightness, hue and saturation.

  • All of our light shows are designed by O'Ryan Sound for specific event needs: A First Dance with slow fading warm lighting to complement photos, Slow dances with soft pastels that fade slowly across the dance floor, even up-beat light shows for your thriller dance off.

  • (Click here for an example of our Pixel Mapped uplighting)


Computer controlled Dance Floor lighting: Wash the dance floor with our custom light shows for perfect slow dances and fun dancing.

  • 4 wash lights computer controlled

  • 1 effect light computer controlled

  • 1 blue and red laser sound activated

We mount all of this to a single thin lighting stand and raise it up to 13' in the air. This setup allows much better photo's at a wedding as the stand is high enough to be out of many photos and the skinny pole often blends into the back ground. Simmilar lighting setups tend to take up alot of space and can easily fill a 10' section of truss taking up lots of room and is just to bulky for a wedding. We have taken a minimalistic approach, and think it looks much better. If you need the big approach we can do that as well with up to 15' of i-truss.


HD Mongoram Projection: Your name, logo or design is animated and projected onto a dance floor or wall in full color.

  • Designed in house saving you even more money.

  • HD Monogram projection is bright, full color and animated with beautiful light streaks, even water ripples and shimmering stars.

  • HD Monograms are similar to Gobo projectors (goes before optics) but give you a higher resolution image in full color.


LED Gobo Projection: Is used to project paterns, pictures and lighting effects. Create unique custom themes or list sponsers at special events.

  • Most lettering and images have a stencil look because light is projeted through a metal stencil.

  • Custom Designs and patterns can be made and are very popular with tented events needing lighting design.

  • Projected images look great but do not have high resolution.


LED Pin-Spot Lighting: Is used to illuminate cakes, table centerpeices even gift tables and guest speakers at events. A simple focused beam of light goes a long way. Most events have dimmed lighting and this brings your decorations out of the dark for a very classy look.


LED Cake Light: Is used to Light up your beautiful cake.  No sence in leaving your culinary masterpiece in the dark.  

  • A simple tiny light that clips onto the front of your cake display.

  • Free with most packages. 

Computer controlled Wash Lighting: Technically most lights can be used as a wash light so this a generic term with many options from texture and patern projections or large or small areas of light and color.


Please feel free to ask if you have any questsion or Ideas.

I am here to help and would be happy to make your next event perfect.  Call Ryan (239) 699-2444

Wedding at Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club

Not all uplighting is created equal. Here are 3 examples of

white uplights with our uplights featured on the left.

Why would you settle for less?

Recording music artist JD Hoffman and Producer Josh Baker choose O'Ryan Sound to provide the lighting design, setup and support for the music video Binge.

  • 8 LED Wash lights.

  • 4 LED Gobo Gobo projectors with custom graphics.

  • 10 Computer Controlled up-lights. 

  • Pixel mapped Lighting Design by O'Ryan Sound.

Dance on a cloud, the perfect First dance wedding effect. Shown in the video with soft blue up-lighting

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